Sony Trying To Hide Developers Disappointment With PS4 Pro?

PS4 Pro

It’s quite possible you may have already heard of all the problems and disappointing performance of the PS4 Pro, you’re not the only one as apparently game devs have, as well, much to Sony’s dismay.

The PS4 Pro has only been out for a couple of months, but it has so far failed to live up to expectation, instead of people going crazy the response from the PlayStation community has been somewhat lukewarm.

The PlayStation 4 Pro launched November 2016 as an upgraded PS4 with enhanced GPU, including 4K output and HDR. But after all the hype and promises people are simply not satisfied with the performance so far and neither are the devs.


For starters the PS4 Pro is built and has been marketed as a PS4 that allows you to experience the best possible graphics in 4K and HDR. Now straight away you’re already staring down at three problems: Firstly, what if you don’t own an HDR TV; second, you can’t seem to get HDR to work; and three, is the difference enough for you to notice?

With the introduction of 4K and HDR, people are flocking to grab bigger and more expensive televisions. It is a debacle for those who are drawn in by the extra power the PS4 Pro promises but don’t have enough to fork out for a new 4K TV. Indeed you’d believe that the extra computation power that the PS4 Pro promises would more than compensate for the lack of a 4K TV and provide more beautiful textures and gameplay regardless, unfortunately not all native PS4 games will run better on the Ps4 Pro, contrary to theory.

Eurogamer experimented with a few PS4 Pro-enhanced titles and discovered some major inconsistencies regarding performance. Some titles like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1, and FIFA 17, have a decent result, but then other titles such as The Last of Us and Watch Dogs 2 end up giving you considerably worse framerates from the PS4.


As far as mid-cycle console upgrades such as the PS4 Pro are concerned developers themselves don’t exactly see eye to eye with console makers. According to a survey conducted by the Game Developers Conference, only 18 percent of developers see consoles such as PS4 Pro and Scorpio as a positive thing for the industry, with 41 percent undecided, 36 percent neutral, and 5 percent firmly opposed.

Lots of developers believe the problem is the extra effort needed to create several versions of the same game, when there’s no guarantee whether the initial version will pay off.

After surveying more than 4,500 creators, the general consensus is it’s hard enough for a developer to create a game for three platforms (the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC), investing effort and money to bring it to the PS4 Pro when at the end of the day, you don’t even know if your investment is going to pay dividends just isn’t a great idea.

Keeping all of this in mind it is worth thinking if Sony is hiding the unenthusiastic response to the PS4 Pro from the public. Sony has indeed been very silent about the PS4 Pro, no deals or discounts or anything to tempt customers. Despite the good sales numbers Sony mustered this past year, PS4 and PS4 Pro sales have been added altogether, leaving us unable to highlight the PS4 Pro’s performance on the market.


With the imminent arrival of Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio and the Nintendo Switch if the PS4 Pro does not deal with its inconsistencies Sony could find themselves in a very precarious position.

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