Sony Stopping Spread Of Leaked Dev Kit By Using Copyright Law

Sony Ps4


Recently about a few weeks ago, a copy of version 4.5 of the PS4’s Software Development Kit (SDK) was secretly leaked online. This was a major problem for Sony as the SDK is distributed solely to developers, but it somehow still ended up on the internet.

Sony went into high alert due to the grave problems this leak posed. If the public could access the SDK, it could potentially end up in the wrong hands, increasing the chances of vulnerabilities being found and hence a jailbreak being found for the PS4 and it’s premium counterpart, the PS4 Pro.

Sony has managed to clamp down on the SDK’s circulation. Almost all download links to the SDK no longer work, and Sony has also started removing any posts discussing or referencing the SDK and it’s (now dead) download links.

Gregory Rasputin, owner of PlaystationHax, was targeted as well. He wrote a post about the  SDK and received a complaint from Sony referencing “The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, the Universal Copyright Convention, as well as bilateral treaties with other countries.” 

This shows that Sony has prepared for incidents like this, responding by removing threatening links and making full use of their legal team. And it works surprisingly well, considering most of us haven’t heard about this leak.

But the issue remains, hidden if not public. Many users may still have the SDK copied and can privately share and dissect the files. So watch out for a new jailbreak solution or homebrew development solution for the PS4 appearing soon, because that is still very possible.