Sony Showcases New PlayStation Store Short Film

PlaySTation 4

Sony has released a new commercial advertising its digital online PlayStation Store. It is an intriguing 30-second video which features a magical merchant offering all kinds of artifacts and weapons.

Sony has unveiled the new PlayStation Store through its official PlayStation YouTube channel, marketing under the slogan “You won’t believe what’s in store.”

Firstly, last week’s 4.0 update introduced a few changes to the PS4 platform, such as HDR on all models and the ability to create folders for similar content.

Secondly, a new PS4 model was launched earlier in the month. The PS4 Pro will be available from November 10 for $399 the same price as the original. For those gamers who wish to make full use of the increased computing power and 4K resolution.

“What do I sell? I sell glorious pandemonium, instant immortality, mastery of over time and space, and the occasional nightmare” said the salesman, adding “What I sell is life and death itself. The real question is: what are you looking for?”

At the end of the video we can witness fast forwarded gameplay scenes of games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

While it may be a little strange that the PlayStation Store is the subject of an announcement, Sony has found a way to make it work.

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