Sony Has Shot Itself In The Foot With The Mod Controversy Of Fallout 4 And Skyrim


The upcoming Skyrim special edition as well as Fallout 4 mods will have zero support on PS4 as recently revealed by Bethesda. Bethesda had previously revealed the reasons behind the prolonged delay of Fallout 4’s missing PS4 mods. The company said that there were technical issues to deal with, and now blames Sony for the current problem stating that it will affect the upcoming Skyrim remaster as well. This will come as a great blow to gamers like us especially the ones that have their hands set on the PlayStation console.

Sony has been going through a rough patch these days, and this recent news isn’t making things any better. Fallout and Elder Scrolls Skyrim are two of the biggest and most highly rated names in the gaming franchises, and Sony will probably look to bring out every little detail and point on why users should pick their consoles to have a go at these games, thus it is quite surprising what brought about a controversial decision made by a company this big. Not only Bethesda, but users globally have been taken aback by this unexpected reveal. Banning mods of the two biggest names in gaming franchises puts Sony way behind its counterpart and has a down overall effect on its image overall. The company could lose a majority of its users, since the mods will be available on Xbox so users are more likely to leave to turn and make do with the only alternative available at hand for now.

Avid gamers like ourselves would be certainly disappointed with this unannounced turnaround, we all love mods don’t we? It allows us to express our individual creativity more effectively and have a unique first hand experience. Its different than the usual edition, and more importantly transforms a good game into an even better one. Although It may be true that the developers benefit from the mods as well, however we can never deny the value and love it holds among gamers like us. It enhances the overall gaming experience for its users, and who wouldn’t want that?

Sony banning the mods on PS4 is a controversial step indeed, with the idea being highly unpopular among players’ of the games globally. Motives behind this decision of Sony remains unclear at the moment, but one things for sure; If Sony doesn’t come around and reverse their decision, our fan base as a whole has to come out rioting regardless of the circumstances that prevail afterward. We don’t go around waiting for developments for months only to be disappointed like this eventually. We all hope that the decision could be reversed considering the amount of negative feedback Bethesda’s post received.

Bethesda as well as all the users globally would be disappointed by this current development obviously, considering the time and effort the company has incorporated into this project. The company will be definitely looking to find another way to approve these mods for its fan base using the PlayStation as a medium for these games. It remains to be seen if Sony will remain adamant on its decision, or give in to the demands of the fans. What do make of this current issue? Would you wait for the decision to be reversed or will you have a go at Xbox instead? Let us know about your thoughts and views by commenting in the comments section below.