Sony’s PS4 Might Not Reach It’s Year End Target Despite Terrific Sales During The Holiday Season

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With the Holiday season over Sony has in a press release announced some pretty impressive statistics that surround the PS4 , with the console and sales doing phenomenally well during the holidays. Here’s a look at the statistics

·  PlayStation 4 has sold through more than 6.2 million units during the 2016 holiday season.

·  PlayStation 4 has now cumulatively sold through more than 53.4 million units globally as of January 1, 2017.

·  PS4 software sales were high with more than 50.4 million copies sold in retail stores worldwide and through digital downloads on the PlayStation Store as of January 1, 2017.

·  Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End reached a cumulative sell through of more than 8.7 million copies globally as of December 21, 2016.

However, what’s interesting, and a bit worrisome to note is the fact that there is nearly no mention of PSVR sales in the press briefing.

Back in March of 2016 Sony announced that their targets for the fiscal year of 2016/2017 was 60 million units shipped, and by May 2016 they had crossed the 40 Million threshold, and if the recent statistics of 53.4 Million are to be believed then it means that Sony is still short by around 6 Million units or so, and it needs to sell about 2 Million consoles per month if it is to achieve its target. Which poses the all-important question of did Sony expect a better holiday season in terms of units sold? Don’t get me wrong the figures are amazing, and Sony deserves all the credit in the world for giving us terrific exclusives and being transparent enough with their sales figures (take note Microsoft), and yet it seems that they will still fall short of the target that they had set for themselves.

Back in November the PS4 ended Xbox One’s 4-month reign of being the top console in the US in terms of sales, with the Uncharted 4 bundle being a particularly good seller. In theory, it can be argued that with PSVR and the Pro Sony should have had more sales, but during the 4 months that Microsoft was top of the sales charts in US it had a steady stream of brilliant exclusives Gears Of Wars 4 and Recore to name a few.  

The only worthwhile exclusive that Sony had in the last quarter was The Last Guardian, it’s also worth noting that both Nier Automata, and Horizon Zero Dawn were planned for a 2016 release and were delayed to 2017. This can be seen as a setback for a console, which is usually renowned for its outstanding exclusives. The latter half of 2016 saw the PS4’s exclusive lineup as rather bleak, and that is probably one important reason why Sony might not meet its sales targets, and this is also probably why we saw the Xbox One take the lead for 4 straight months in the US.

However with the announcement of titles such as Days Gone , and The Last of Us 2 , and a strong exclusives lineup for 2017 which includes the likes of Nier Automata, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God Of War 4 (potentially) the future does appear bright for Sony and the PS4 for the foreseeable future.