Sony’s PS4 Might Not Reach It’s Year End Target Despite Terrific Sales During The Holiday Season

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With the Holiday season over Sony has in a press release announced some pretty impressive statistics that surround the PS4 , with the console and sales doing phenomenally well during the holidays. Here’s a look at the statistics

·  PlayStation 4 has sold through more than 6.2 million units during the 2016 holiday season.

·  PlayStation 4 has now cumulatively sold through more than 53.4 million units globally as of January 1, 2017.

·  PS4 software sales were high with more than 50.4 million copies sold in retail stores worldwide and through digital downloads on the PlayStation Store as of January 1, 2017.

·  Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End reached a cumulative sell through of more than 8.7 million copies globally as of December 21, 2016.

However, what’s interesting, and a bit worrisome to note is the fact that there is nearly no mention of PSVR sales in the press briefing.

Back in March of 2016 Sony announced that their targets for the fiscal year of 2016/2017 was 60 million units shipped, and by May 2016 they had crossed the 40 Million threshold, and if the recent statistics of 53.4 Million are to be believed then it means that Sony is still short by around 6 Million units or so, and it needs to sell about 2 Million consoles per month if it is to achieve its target. Which poses the all-important question of did Sony expect a better holiday season in terms of units sold? Don’t get me wrong the figures are amazing, and Sony deserves all the credit in the world for giving us terrific exclusives and being transparent enough with their sales figures (take note Microsoft), and yet it seems that they will still fall short of the target that they had set for themselves.

Back in November the PS4 ended Xbox One’s 4-month reign of being the top console in the US in terms of sales, with the Uncharted 4 bundle being a particularly good seller. In theory, it can be argued that with PSVR and the Pro Sony should have had more sales, but during the 4 months that Microsoft was top of the sales charts in US it had a steady stream of brilliant exclusives Gears Of Wars 4 and Recore to name a few.  

The only worthwhile exclusive that Sony had in the last quarter was The Last Guardian, it’s also worth noting that both Nier Automata, and Horizon Zero Dawn were planned for a 2016 release and were delayed to 2017. This can be seen as a setback for a console, which is usually renowned for its outstanding exclusives. The latter half of 2016 saw the PS4’s exclusive lineup as rather bleak, and that is probably one important reason why Sony might not meet its sales targets, and this is also probably why we saw the Xbox One take the lead for 4 straight months in the US.

However with the announcement of titles such as Days Gone , and The Last of Us 2 , and a strong exclusives lineup for 2017 which includes the likes of Nier Automata, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God Of War 4 (potentially) the future does appear bright for Sony and the PS4 for the foreseeable future.

  • drjonesjnr

    Jesus Christ lol

  • ShowanW

    Wow../ amazing numbers on Sony’s part…

    The the writer of this post: Why does MS owe u sales statistics again? Go and buy Microsoft stock and, then demand sales numbers

    • J.j. Barrington

      lol, more defense of Microsoft out of you.

      Stock buying, for us gamers, is when we bother to buy their consoles. THAT is our investment. Paying for Xbox Live is the investment.

      Stop being an apologist and be real for a moment.

      • ShowanW

        No it isnt…
        Only numbers i care about is how many people on Live (or PSN) that i can play with.

        Y’all want concrete sales numbers just to sling around on forums…

        How about this, go look for them yourself.. Microsoft is a publicly traded company you know. So there you go.
        They dont owe you (or I) a pretty little package with sales numbers…

        How about people do their own work…

        • J.j. Barrington

          lol, and even defending your defense.

          I don’t always play games online, so that stat doesn’t always affect me.

          But number of consoles DOES affect new software. It affects exclusive deals and even ports. If the XB1 were doing a lot better in Japan- say, even half as good as the PS4 is- then there’d be more Japanese support, including some exclusives. And that’d be a reason to buy the console. But sales are ABYSMAL in Japan, worse than the 360 ever was. So not many Japanese games going exclusive there- like the 360 had- which means less reasons for me to buy.

          See how that affects a purchasing choice?

          Why are you justifying their hiding the numbers?

          • ShowanW

            Microsoft IS a MEGA BILLION DOLLAR Corporation…

            All I care about is my family, friends to play with.

            Doesnt effect deals because MS can write a check to get any deal of their own. Moot point.

            Tell me.. Name a HOT deep root Japanese game? Even FF: XV has a Western flair is there… but let me guess what you’re going to say: As long as I got options… on games Ill never buy.

            360 sales were abysmal and still got Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey… Cause $$$ talks…

            Money trumps anything in regards to sales. Xbox didnt lose Call of Duty DLC because of install base.. they lost it cause Phil Spemcer cut them off. Phil decided to take that CoD dea and invest into other items

          • J.j. Barrington

            Microsoft actually CAN’T just go out writing checks for everything. That’s not how you get to be a ‘MEGA BILLION DOLLAR Corporation.”

            You don’t know how business works. You don’t know how gaming works. You don’t seem to get that Xbox doesn’t have unlimited access to Microsoft’s money. You don’t seem to understand that the larger the disparity in install base, the more costly trying to make deals is for the company that’s behind.

            You don’t have a clue, do you? You’re just an Xbox fanboy who needs ways to defend your preferred brand, even if the reasons you come up with make you look like a complete idiot.

          • ShowanW

            Gotta spend money to make money. Get a product (Windows) thats makes recurring money. Then venture out (Office) 2 products with recurring incomes. 2 definitive incomes. Now increase R&D internally, and things you arent good at, spend to get it. Some purchases might bite you (Nokia)

            I watched Phil geta budget for the One (making the box smaller and adding features like 4K bluray)

            Then i watched him announce Project Scorpio that will have some technologies that are not het widely available.

            You speak woth such a know it all mindset… but your ignorance to some things are very much there. Im gonna take a gamble and say that you are a smart cookie… but u talk like a know it all, when in fact u still have quite a bit to learn…

          • J.j. Barrington

            Here’s the problem, smart guy: Phil has a budget. Xbox has a budget. So it doesn’t matter how much money Windows makes. It doesn’t matter how much money Office makes.

            That Xbox budget is based on how well Xbox does, not how well Windows does.

            You watched Phil do what? The Slim isn’t some revolutionary thing never done before. Console makers have been fielding slimmer consoles for a long, long time now. It wasn’t some big production to get a 4K drive in the S; most of the R&D was already completed by way of the original XB1. It was just a matter of time before components were cheap enough to make smaller, so that something pricier could be included. Sometimes, as with the PS3 and its Blu Ray drive, you eat that loss on production in the hopes that you make it up on the back end.

            That’s how it works with a product you sell, particularly one with technology included.

            Which, by the way, is why the Scorpio was REALLY announced. The XB1 was- and still is- behind by a fair amount when it comes to game performance. It’s gonna be a fairly long gen… no way they’d want to give up the power difference for that long. It also furthers along their whole “Windows ruling the living room” thing that got them into gaming in the first place.

            It’s hilarious that you think Phil Spencer orchestrated that. Or maybe sad is a better word.

            No, I don’t know it all, but I do know a lot. And, so far, it seems that I know more than you on every subject on which we’ve butted heads. You bring a lot of your hopes and dreams to the table, which don’t do so well against facts and reality.

          • ShowanW

            1.) “Phil has a budget”… Naw really?
            If Xbox were doing so bad he wouldnt have been allowed to slim down the Xbox, add a feature (4K bluray UHD drive) Ive owned every PlayStation ever made and never recalled Sony adding something, while shrinking the box. Please tell me which PlayStation had features added while getting the slom treatment, I’ll wait. Even with Kinect adapter being removed, they spot original owners an adapter for free, and those who are new to Xbox can still buy the adapter (which sucks it should still just be free) if they choose. HDMI spec updated, 4K Player added…

            Wanting to own, rule, or whatever the livingroom was and is the goal.
            Phil Spencer understands that Xbox doesnt have to be #1 to make their mark or inpact on that vision.

            Doesnt matter if Phil didn’t “orchestrate” blah blah blah… Phil has total say in the delivery method and hardware powering the medium. Nadella, or Terry Myerson, has enough confidence to grant Phil Spencer a MUCH LARGER budget to have Scorpio made with a claim of being “much more powerful” than The PS4PRO. Also with the claim of using future technologies that are not yet widely adopted.

            Its easy to bring hopes and dreams to the table when you see the company backing the product, and said corporation is making more money than it ever has. Im not disappointed by Xbox nor Kinect. Whom ever else is, thats on them…
            Ive gotten more than monies worth from both products.

          • J.j. Barrington

            ” Naw really?”

            So if you’re aware, stop bringing up Microsoft’s funds like they’re all at Xbox’s disposal. That seems like a pretty basic bit of understanding… but Xbox fanboys like you are constantly unable to grasp that. Which makes discussing anything more complicated a fruitless endeavor.

          • ShowanW

            Lets help you a bit.

            New Kinect R&D millions
            Xbox One R&D millions
            $1-Billion for games (rather u like said games or not)
            Minecraft purchase $5 billion
            One S budget
            Project Scorpio budget…

            Whats the pattern u noticed…
            Phil keeps getting more and mlre $$& to throw at video games in some capacity. Learn to grasp a BIG picture. Im not gonna lie im an Xbox fan over any other console.
            You live in a moment on monthly sales and such. I will back the software company that keeps getting funded to try and try again…
            What seems like an ever increasing budget to keep punching.

            You see a corner of a painting while I tend to look at whole painting.

            Like I said, you’re a smart guy… But you aren’t teachable… Know it alls…
            Know so much and yet know nothing.

          • J.j. Barrington

            lol, no.

            Kinect R&D would be part of the Xbox budget. The $1 billion for games: part of the Xbox budget. The One S: part of the Xbox budget. Scorpio: part of the Xbox budget.

            Minecraft may well be part of Windows, seeing how big that is on PC- and how it’s still on competing platforms.

            You’re trying really hard to make it sound like Phil is going back every time to get more money for stuff.. but that’s not how it works. Hell, it wouldn’t be a surprise if half the things they’re given money to do are mandates from above, rather than Spencer taking initiative.

            It’s funny that you claim you see the whole painting, because you’re so clueless about the big picture when it comes to how corporations work.

          • ShowanW

            Once again… ur smart.. but some schooling is still needed…

            One S & Scorpio are a revised budget. ALL budgets are revisted, and re-evaluated. The One S & Scorpio are definitely of the Phil Spencer era, not the Marttrick era.

            You’re too emotional to rational…
            These budgets get a Graph Break down.

            So Minecraft was a decision from higher ups…Doesnt matter, still a game that was most likely came from the Xbox division. Once again $5-billion for one IP.

            Scorpio, pretty sure would be $-billions-$ if it has the technologies that Spencer (and team) are claiming. See in business a when a department wants more money (especially a mega corp like MS) these budgets are re-visited, and adjusted accordingly. If Xbox were doing so bad, Project Scorpio, would be only equal to a PS4PRO (something this fanboy purchased to play games on)

            Learn to take a breather and calm down. Its only video games.. Not life or death.

          • J.j. Barrington

            But I’m the one having fun and laughing. You’re the one that seems to be getting all upset because you’re wrong.

          • ShowanW

            You’re actually having fun and laughing? ? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, on this one.

            Here is an easy example.

            During the Red Ring fiasco:

            Peter Moore: Hey Steve , we messed up on the 360. Everyone’s machine is just crapping out. We need to fix this ASAP. I need more money to do so.

            Ballmer: Sure go for it. Just make sure you get the job done.

            After Mattrick Left and Phil took over.

            Phil: Hey Satya, we need to really put this Mattrick era behind us and rethink Xbox Future. I would like to have more money revise the current console and also a new budget to release something new sooner rather than later.

            Satya : I’ll give you what you are asking for, but you better make good on it.

            Phil: Minecraft is a very very very hot IP right now. We should probably purchase that off of Notch (and team)

            Phil: I think it would be a good idea to purchase the Gears or War IP from Epic, since gamers associate it with Xbox. We also dont want any of the competition trying to swoop in and possibly purchase it.

            Satya: Here is a revised budget, with some buffer room. Xbox seems to be doing much better than the 360 era.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Problem with both those scenarios is that you don’t even know if they went that way. Again, as stated, for all you know, the calls came from above, rather than someone in Xbox.

            And that theory of how Minecraft got bought is insane.

            But you go ahead thinking Spencer had anything to do with that stuff. It’s yet another fanboy delusion that he’s singlehandedly saved the Xbox division, so I’m not surprised to see you give him credit for things he couldn’t possibly have done.

            All that, by the way, would be extenuating circumstances that wouldn’t come under typical budget talks to begin with… which is different from what you tried saying in the last comment.

          • ShowanW

            Everyone has to report to someone..
            Phil has to report to Terry, just like Terry has to report to Satya, just like Satya has to report to the board (or majority shareholders)

            Even if the Minecraft purchase didn’t go that way, Xbox division is what you see get credits in news outlets (could have been a way to push Windows platform even more as whole for all I know)

            Also I use Phil’s name as i dont want to say Spencer, Ybarra,and Loftis.. etc.. thats too much. I’ll just use Spencer’s name.

            If I were CEO of Sony and made u head of ALL THINGS PLAYSTATION… and then not let you do your job (even if thats making some demands you think are for the better) and everything came from above, then why did I bother to gove you the job?

            Phil does have some say in what gets done. Yes Phil reports to Terry Myerson, but to think he has no say is nuts.

            Myerson, and Nadella care about the Windows Platform side of it more than anything else. I would think they would tell Spencer what they expect and for him to devise a gameplan to do so. Whatever hardware you need (to an extent).
            And Im pretty sure that Phil had some say in getting rid of the Mattrick stigma that came with the Xbox Brand.. there was some back and forth, some absolutely nots, and some sure go for its…

            Its all gives and takes. But a revised budget was surely to be needed to make all this happen in such a short span. Microsoft usually always moves slowly over a long haul to hit their vision (Only moving promptly when they know they screwed up)
            They know the Mattrick era, is still talked about and Phil os trying to make haste to be as far removed as possible from it


      If that had been MS’s way all along I agree, but they sure as hell chanted their sales numbers when they were ahead of sony last gen, and when Halo was selling big. But now that is not the case they decided to hide those numbers.

      • ShowanW

        they did no doubt… not denying that..
        but does phil spencer have to do what moore and mattrick did?

        also in the same breath, sony combined just about all playstation products together to generate a number during the PS3 era… combining vs not saying anything at all are almost one in the same, in this situation…


          Yes, you are correct! Sony did it as well.

          I didn’t like it there any less than I don’t like it now! I don’t think they are obligated to share the complete data, but I do believe they should.

          So Ill will always be in favor of comments asking the companies rather than justifiying them hiding those.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Nobody “owes” anybody numbers.

      Why are you fighting so hard for them?

  • xboxmaster

    nice little uneducated opinion there lmao 53.4M SOLD STAY MAD

  • J.j. Barrington

    Um, if they’ve SOLD over 53 million already, SELL over a million a month on average, have three months to SELL at that average, and have some big games in those months to push those SALES, why wouldn’t they reach 60 million SHIPPED?

  • extermin8or2

    I expect they just didn’t expect the xbox todo so well over the summer and ti stole a few sales even if they don’t qute reach the target they will be damn close.

  • Edsword

    I fear that PSVR unfortunately will fail. It’s too expensive and the games thus far are novelties. It’s cool tech, don’t get me wrong, but it’s kind of like 3D. Half of the people who play games don’t even want it and it makes many of them sick.

  • Tha Truth

    At least Sony are willing to share their numbers, Microsoft are too embarrassed about how their pathetic, worthless, last – gen, POS Xbox DONE is doing at retail that they try and bury their heads in the sand every time the subject of sales comes up and their desperate, deluded fanbase do the same.

    No gamer with any sense of self-respect would buy a trash, inferior platform with no exclusives worth playing and sales prove that, that’s why the Xbox DONE is getting outsold by more than 2-1 in every single corner of the world.

  • popo123

    It’s 60 million shipped by March. They’ve already sold almost 54m by Jan 1 which means shipment numbers should be near 60 million this month or the next. Shipping more should be easily achieved.

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