Sony PlayStation Initiates Liverpool Coding Camp For Girls

Sony Ps4

Sony is to start a whole new coding camp for women and girls who are interested in the tech and gaming world, it is an initiative that is said to cater to many parts of the tech industry.

The camp is said to be set up by Liverpool Girl Geeks mainly based in the city of Liverpool, England which will be sponsored by Sony PlayStation. The coding program will recruit girls between the ages of 11 to 14 years and the overall number of the recruitment could reach up to 400.

“There is a gender imbalance within our technology sector and we need to take action now to ensure a more balanced and inclusive industry for the future,” said the PlayStation senior release manager Michelle Tilley, while pointing out the fact that women need to be behind the computers more and must be given more chances to be included in the critical software and engineering teams. Here’s what she added further,

“The games industry is an amazing place to work so we should actively encourage young women to join it by inspiring, championing and empowering them to achieve their dreams.” 

While the program is majorly targeted towards women who are interested in gaming and tech, it is also thought to counter issues like sexism within the industry. It is only valid to say that with more women entering the premises which was for years male dominant, will eventually tackle the gaming-centered issues faced by women every day.

The director of Liverpool Girl Geeks, Jo Morfee, was enthusiastic about the coding initiative, and is hopeful that the organization’s efforts will lead to a massive change within the gaming industry;

“We believe that our teen programmers are an essential part of the longer term strategy to tackle the current gender imbalance and skills gap in the technology sector. The digital and tech sector is continuously evolving and as a result there are so many fantastic job opportunities out there. These girls are the future of tech and it is so rewarding to be able to work with them closely to inspire and support them into the industry.”