Sony Is All Set To Hold A Press Conference At Paris Games Week

Sony Ps4

Sony have confirmed that they will be skipping Gamescom this year, and will instead announce their new projects at Playstation Paris Games Week, which they will be holding this year.

The Playstation Paris Games Week Conference will likely feature some upcoming games other projects that weren’t revealed at E3. The conference will be held on October 30 at 4PM GMT.

The event will probably go along the lines of the previous one, held in 2015, and will likely include game trailers and footage and hopefully some exciting new game announcements to top it off. However, do note that the official PSX event will be hosted in December, so don’t expect any major game announcements or anything of the sort.

Fans (including us) are hoping to get an update on The Last Of Us, which was MIA during E3, and maybe get a trailer thrown in for good measure. Naughty Dog only recently revealed that they wanted to focus solely on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy during E3.

We also bear good news for PS4 Pro owners, as more games will soon be compatible with the consoles Boost Mode.

Sony has confirmed that F1 2017, Sine More EX and Agents of Mayhem will recieve patches to make them compatible with boost mode. The F1 2017 announcement blared “Right out of the paddock, we see an enormous boost to image quality with a full 4K output resolution of 3840 x 2160 achieved through a checkerboard reconstruction technique, meaning that the presentation of every car, component and trackside detail will be pristine.”

So it seems that we will be getting a number of different announcements during the Paris Games Week. Personally I am hoping for some new info on Days Gone , and God Of War. Lets hope that we get a major announcement from Sony in the coming weeks or so.