Days Gone Release Date Possibly Leaked By Sony



At E3 2017 we saw an extended look for Days Gone and it showed us a bit of the game play and the story. The trailer showed of a unique take on the open world zombie saga with the protagonist having to fight both humans and zombies (freakers) to ensure survival. One thing we were uncertain about was when the game was going to be released , this comes after Shawn Layden recently said that most PS4 exclusives will be releasing in the first half of 2018.

Well it appears that Sony might have accidentally leaked the release date for Days Gone through a video. The said video was taken down after the error was discovered but a screenshot of the image was taken before the video was removed. The video was titled the hottest trailers of E3 and released the potential date of the PS4 exclusive Days Gone. Here is an image attached which shows the release date of the game.


As you cans see in the image below the game will be coming out at 29th December 2017. Now this would be a shocker as many fans , including me had it penned down for a 2018 release. I probably had it down for a Late 2018 release but it appears that might not be the case. This would mean that Days Gone and Gran Turismo Sports will be releasing within the same window , and would possibly be the PS4 exclusives of the holiday season.

However there is the distinct possibility of this being just a mistake , as we have seen in the past God Of War’s release date was touted by many to be late 2017 , however in the end it was announced for early 2018. Hence I guess we will have to wait for an official announcement from Sony for the release of  Days Gone