Sony And Microsoft Are Collaborating And Sharing For The Sake Of VR


When it comes to the two console giants Sony and Microsoft , we often discuss about who would sell the most units , and who is at the top of the food chain. Its a rarity that you ever hear them working together for a common cause. However when it comes to VR things are a bit different.

Sony came out with the PSVR and although people loved playing Resident Evil 7 in VR , the general criticism was that most VR games felt like mere tech demos. Microsoft in turn has also come out with the HoloLens, and Windows Mixed Reality Headsets which are scheduled to come out somewhere around August 2017.

Yet it seems like the beginning of the VR industry, and its something that will take time to fully realize its potential. That being said in an interview with Times Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed how Sony and Microsoft have been “collaborating” to ensure the best VR experience for their respective consumers.

“I love the work that Sony’s doing in this space, we’ve been great collaborators working and sharing. We’ve had them up to see the HoloLens stuff, and they’ve been giving us demos. I think about HTC and Oculus. The community is way more cooperative than competitive, because we all realize we’re at the starting line, when the finish line you can’t even see. I think to get to real scale here, we’re in that 5 to 10 year horizon to get to untethered, things that happen that I don’t feel like I have a helmet on. But we have to go through the transitions.”

Gaming audiences are always up for new tech and although VR currently has limited applications its still a growing spectrum one which will reach its full potential in a decade or so. With Sony and Microsoft the future of VR seems promising , and hopefully we can see a an increasing number of fully compatible VR games in the near future.