Sony Lists E3 2017 Games, And Talk God Of War Changes For Europe



E3 2017 is just a few days away and it now appears that a God Of War release date announcement is a concrete possibility. In a recent interview with Glixel Shawn Layden President and CEO of Sony Interactive America (SIEA) talked about the upcoming E3 2017 conference and what can we expect from Sony amongst other things.

First of in the interview these games were explicitly mentioned for E3 2017

  • God of War
  • Spider-Man
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
  • Days Gone
  • Gran Turismo Sport

Those are just the confirmed titles , and with a potential Bloodborne 2 and others on the way one cant help but wonder how amazing Sony’s E3 conference will be.

Arguably the biggest and most anticipated title of the above list is the new God Of War game, and this time around marks a shift in strategy and storytelling for the long running franchise. this time around the story takes place in a Nordic setting, and Kratos his son along for the adventure as well.

That shift in strategy and the Nordic setting might have been due to the fact that hack and slash games have generally not fared well in Europe, and hence Sony might have gone for a more worldwide appeal for the game. After all a Nordic setting means that most Scandinavian countries would be able to relate to the game. Here is what Layden had to say about the new God Of War game.

“It’s a franchise that has historically acutely underperformed in Europe,” 

“Hack and slash games tend to not do so well in Europe, so the narrative this time around will make a big difference. European gamers love narrative games. And Singstar.”

The move honestly makes sense , as it will allow Sony to reach out to a wider audience , and get new players interested in the lore of the series.

It seems that come E3 2017 Sony will come out all guns blazing , let us know what do you expect from E3 2017 and God Of War by commenting in the comments section below.




  • Bimz

    So I guess I can blame the europeans for transforming my favorite series into a Last of Us clone 🙁

    • FaLlCHiLD

      I didn’t know The Last of Us was based off of Norse mythology….

      I only had a few gripes with GOW, one of them was being how the developers wanted to make GOW look amazing with a lot of details (example: organs coming out of the body when you slice open that one creatures stomach) but the view was so far away from the details so they have to use an animation to zoom in while Kratos is doing whatever he is doing. I always wanted it to be closer to Kratos because I want to see all the details I want to feel like I am Kratos.

      • Bimz

        Try to get a good grasp of what ‘clone’ actually means in terms of game design. 🙂
        Now they’ll have to use animation sequence to deal with enemies the size of skyscrapers (if there’s even any) while trying to maintain or break the new player-companion metagame. Same problem shifted to different end, with added complications. But I guess you won’t miss those gi-fucking-gantic enemies and airborne combos, and that’s not wrong. It’s just that sony made a conscious business decision to target people like you and not people like me.

        • FaLlCHiLD

          I know all that, I just want to see exactly where they go with this game. We barely saw this game i action yet besides Kratos fighting this huge enemy which TLOU doesn’t have at all. People just see the camera angle and just assume ohh Uncharted clone or Last Of us clone when in reality they are very different type of games. You maybe right when we see more game play videos but as of right now it isn’t a “clone” of a game yet. I personally believe if they stray too far off the GOW formula a lot of people would be mad. I feel like they want to make change but also tell a story that is more than a vengeance story. I didn’t even finish Ascensions when that came out, that game left a bad taste in my mouth. When I first heard about the new GOW I had no reason to return to it. There were talks about that there will be a new character and in my opinion, Kratos is the GOW, he did kill Ares (Spoilers oops lol). When I saw what they did with the game it got me curious and excited at the same time. I am very curious to see what they do with this franshise with this game and see how other people/fans react to it.

  • Kratos0289

    That contradicts everything Cory Barlog said last year lol

    • FaLlCHiLD

      What did he say last year?

  • Thomas kerr

    I’m Scottish I love the God of war series as does a lot of people in Europe I think they’re just using us as a scapegoat for making changes to the narrative

    • FaLlCHiLD

      Of course, there will be peoplebwho will like it in Europe. It is like saying Japan LOVES first person shooters. I don’t think they need a scapegoat at all. Before I saw the footage, I wasn’t going to buy it and wait for more game play videos to come out. Since I saw the game play trailer the first time I am buying it day 1. GOW needed a fresh coat of paint in my eyes.