Sony Japan Releases Amazing Advert For PSVR, Shows Off GT Sport And Upcoming VR Games



Since the launch of PSVR, Sony in America and Europe has pretty much maintained radio silence regarding the headset, and hasn’t really actively promoted it as much as it could have been. According to Sony, the reason for the silence is that they didnt want to drive up the demand of the headset to the point where they couldn’t fulfil it, which sounds a bit sketchy to be honest. But regardless of that, Sony Japan seems to be doing the exact opposite and is doing an amazing job promoting PSVR, and recently dropped an amazing new trailer/advert.

The ad shows off the Playstation VR in all its glory, and gives a glimpse into the many unique games and experiences that it provides. Here is the trailer in question have a look at it for yourself

The trailer is unlike previous Sony Japan advertisements and trailers that have been…..weird and wacky to say the least, and shares only one similarity: Japanese people having a great time. The trailer features Japanese players using the headset, and offers a glimpse into the many upcoming and promising games for the VR, including sci-fi shooter Farpoint, Resident Evil 7, Starblood Arena, Dark Eclipse, Steel Combat, Dexed, Mortal Blitz and….the Final Fantasy XV fishing game, Monster of the Deep. Ok, we’ll admit that last one is hilarious. But the game we were most excited to see GT Sport running in VR mode, and boy did it look stunning. Gran Turismo Sport will be launching on 16th November 2017 as per the PlayStation official magazine, and will be one of the exclusives that is going to be released in late 2017 , with Days Gone also rumored to be released in late 2017 as well.

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