Sony Introduces Playstation Move


layStation Move is a controller that works in tandem with the PlayStation Eye camera to pick up movements such as punches, strokes and a swing, translating those movements into in-game action.It also has regular controller buttons for shooting games that require you to pull a trigger.

It has been a few years since the last Playstation move controllers were released which were used with the PS3, Released in 2010 in an effort to replicate the highly massive success of Nintendo’s original Wii console which stole international consumer interest back in 2006 thanks to its unique motion based controls. While launched with much hype alongside Microsoft’s Kinect product line, neither product managed to reach anywhere near the heights of the Wii’s success with motion based gaming with both arriving at a point where the Wii itself had begun to see a decline in sales as interest in motion-controls declined. However the integration of gesture controls has reignited interest in such technology paving the way for Playstation Move to be revived as well.

It is currently not known how these new controllers will differ from their earlier counterparts but one could expect Micro-USB charging and rebranded Start/Select buttons. They are set to launch alongside the console on the 13th of October.


The product label reads:

“Whilst not required for PSVR titles, The move controllers will bring the best experience whilst playing VR titles that will utilise control. Nearly all PlayStation VR titles will support DualShock 4 controllers and several games will deliver an enhanced experience that further immerses gamers with the use of peripherals such as the Move controllers.For example, Batman: Arkham VR can be played without Move controllers, however you would be holding DualShock Controllers in each hand so the PS4 camera could see the light bar for the movement of each hand”.

The twin pack is currently available in Australia for AU$119.95 but is yet to hit the shelves in North America. It shouldn’t be a long wait though with Sony hosting a Playstation meeting in New York on the 7th of September in which they’re expected to show more of the PlayStation VR, though the highlight of the show is expected to be the PlayStation 4 Neo and PlayStation Vita Trinity. So stay tuned for any further updates.