Sony Explains Why It Has Adopted A Laissez Faire Approach To First Party Studios



Sony has dominated this generation of consoles with the PlayStation. PS4 has gone on to sell in excess of 60 Million units and it seems like its only a matter of time before it reaches the 100 Million mark.

A large reason for the success of the PS4 has been the terrific exclusives that come via first party studios. It would be fair to say that these exclusives are one of the main reasons why Sony and the PS4 has remained above and beyond the competition.

In a recent interview with VG247 Michael Denny Senior VP of SEC Worldwide Studios and head of it’s European Operations talked about their approach to their First party Studios.

“At Worldwide Studios, we really invest in and believe in the people we work with,” “We like them to come up with the creative ideas and the decisions for what they want to make, because we believe that when studios are passionate about what they want to make, we’re going to get the best games.”

“We want to encourage studios to come up with exciting, innovative, great, high quality ideas.”

“We always want to offer as much choice and as much diversity, as many different types of games as possible, to the PlayStation community,”

This is quite evident in Ghost of Tsushima , Sucker Punch’s newest IP. Nobody would have thought Sucker Punch which is best known for the Infamous series would actually go on to develop an open world Samurai game , but that’s what they have done and in doing so have surprised a number of people within the gaming community.

With a number of amazing exclusives headed our way in 2017 and beyond it seems that Sony will be sitting pretty on it’s perch on the top for a long long time to come.

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