Sony Deletes Customer Complaints After PS4 Pro Suffers Problems With 4K TV’s

PS4 Pro

Sony has supposedly wiped its forum of customer complaints regarding one of its 4k TV’s. With many complaining that it fails to adequately support the PS4 Pro.

The forums of Sony Bravia x930D 4K TV have been wiped clean after users began to point out the fact that the TV suffered from high levels of input latency when attached to the PS4 Pro. This meant putting players at a disadvantage in multiplayer games, and ensuring that maybe Sony TV’s were probably not the best choice to take advantage of the new console’s capabilities.

The forum post were the problems were being discussed and had over 90 pages of discussion was abruptly taken down by the moderating team.. Buyers complained that the x930D suffers from severe input lag , which results in slower movements in-game. Simply put the movements you make in-game take longer to appear on the TV screen.

Online gamers can testify to the fact that this is a major disadvantage, as reaction time is the key to success for most hardcore gamers.. Hence many disgruntled gamers took to the forums to warn others to refrain from buying the product.

The two threads discussing the issue were taken down by Sony and wiped clean of all comments. The now deleted threads can be viewed by clicking the following links. Link1 and Link 2. However if you want to read up on the issues in detail, there is currently a thread active on reddit

The TV is priced around $1500-$2000, and has a 55inch and 65 inches variants.. Back in early November Sony had released an update that improved lag issues, yet it appears that the issues have not been properly ironed out. Hopefully Sony is working on a fix for the problem.

Let us know what you think about the lag issues , and have you experienced them firsthand, by commenting in the comments section below.


    Ahhhhh yes…..keeping that PR bandwagon floating along ever so gracefully they are….!

    That is a sad excuse of “resolving” an issue if I have ever heard of one. Just seems like some sorry garbage going on these days with day one release shtuff….. Another reason being an early adopter (consumer) does not pay off….except to the retailers/manufacturers of course.

  • Hvd

    this is news?sony purges any bad news about their crap console especially with youtube.they strike any channel that says anything bad like when the ps4 pro set it self on fire they took that off you tube fast.

    sony is garbage.

    • David Tiley

      Xbox fan?

    • Aenea

      No, you are garbage, you crazy Xbox fan.

      • Nosred

        Said sony fangay.