Sony Can Celebrate A Successful Year Thanks To The PS4 And The PSVR


The console wars have  intensified this year with both the Xbox One and PS4 going back and forth exchanging positions at the top of the summit in terms of sales in the US. While it can be argued that the latter half of 2016 certainly did belong to Microsoft’s Xbox One, the PS4 made a resilient comeback aided by Black Friday Sales, and the PlayStation Experience in early December.

The company in short is ending a great year very strongly aided by the PlayStation 4, and its virtual reality headsets which have seen them expand its lead over what Microsoft has to offer with Xbox. The introduction of PSVR meant that Sony could take advantage of their already burgeoning user base with a product that was new, innovative and easy to use.

What this meant was that they had something new and unheard of to offer its huge customer base, and they took full advantage of this very fact, and it is safe to assume that it was a massive success, as evident by the fact that it completely sold out in the UK.

Furthermore according to research firm Superdata the PSVR sold around 745,000 units , well ahead off its closest competitors  HTC Vive and Oculus Rift which sold 420,000 and 355,000 units respectively.

In March of this year Sony announced that they had sold 40 million consoles, and were targeting the sales of around 60 Million PS4’s by March 2017. It seems like Sony may well achieve their target as in early December they announced that they had reached figures of 50 Million units sold on the back of a phenomenal Black Friday which saw them beating Microsoft all ends up.

The belief was that the PS4 Pro’s release in November strongly contributed to these figures. The Pro is currently the most powerful console that is available in the market and is Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Xbox One S, both consoles work with 4K televisions and have recently been involved in a war of words over which console really offers true 4K capabilities.

However it remains to be seen whether come 2017 Sony can maintain its momentum and stop Xbox One Scorpio in its tracks  when it releases somewhere around the holiday season. Michael Pachter believes that Sony will be able to do just that by slashing its Prices.

Sony also gets a significant boost by the performances of some game developers. For example back in September Destiny’s expansion Rise Of Iron provided an increase in digital sales of the PS4.

Aided by the sales of the PS4 and the PSVR, and the extremely strong showing at the PlayStation Experience, which saw the announcement of the Last of US 2 , and Uncharted 4’s stand-alone DLC the Lost Legacy amongst others , it can be said that Sony has reclaimed its lead at the top of the summit, and the indication is that the Xbox has a hard task reclaiming the top spot come 2017.

So who do you think did the year 2016 belong to Sony or Microsoft? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.