Sony Announces PlayStation 4 Pro With 4K HDR Gaming For $399


Sony officially unveiled the next big variant of the PlayStation 4. The console also known as Neo provides an upgrade on the PS4 hardware featuring a faster processor, better graphics, and support for 4K resolution, It is set to launch on November 10th, and costs $399. Instead of replacing the base PS4 it is set to be sold alongside it. New games will still be playable on the older hardware. The existence of Pro first came to light back in March.

The PS4 Pro can output 4K and HDR video, Sony’s chief console maker Mark Cerny said PS4 Pro has “more than doubled” the GPU power and that it uses AMD’s Polaris architecture. The clock-rate of the CPU has been boosted and it will come with a 1TB hard-drive.

Sony’s message with the PS4 Pro was clear,”PS4 Pro is not intended to blur the line between console generations,” said Cerny, “Instead, the vision is to take the PS4 experience to extraordinary new levels.” It is a current gen machine designed for people pursuing 4K gaming, virtual reality and HDR gaming.

According to Cerny PS4 Pro will also improve the PlayStation VR experience. Netflix and YouTube are specifically developing new apps just for the PS4 Pro.

But what if you don’t own a 4K TV? Sony insists the PS4 Pro may still yet be for you as games will run in 1080p resolution with some running in a higher or more stable frame-rate.

PS4 Pro will run current PS4 games while Sony is working on ways through which you can transfer your data. Cerny talked up “forward compatibility” and demonstrated how existing games are being patched to look better on the new console.

Although mid-cycle upgrades like this aren’t a common feat for game consoles, Sony aren’t the only ones upgrading their hardware. At E3 this year, rivals Microsoft unveiled a new version of the Xbox One which they have codenamed Project Scorpio.Microsoft is expected to launch Scorpio in fall 2017.