Someone Has Managed To Build A Compact Nintendo Switch Dock Which Is 75% Smaller Than The Orginal

Nintendo NX

A Reddit user by going by the name of Jolimon has managed to create his very own Nintendo Switch travel dock.The compact version 0f the dock is apparently 75% smaller and looks to be clearly more portable than its original counterpart. You can check it out in the image below.

Most of the official Nintendo dock uses plastic to house the main console, and there is only a small box located at the back which houses the electrical components. It not only looks nifty, but you can slide it conveniently in your pocket and take it to your friends house to play on a big screen TV.

According To Jolimon:

“all the internal components from the dock have been migrated over into this smaller enclosure, allowing for a more compact travel set up by using a USB C extension to connect the switch to the ‘dock’.”

The idea has already been a huge hit over at the Nintendo Switch subreddit , with Jolimon currently swarming with requests for his custom made dock. He also went on to add that he would be releasing the 3D printer file , so that anyone who is trying to create a DIY custom dock can create one for themselves.

However if you would like to buy the custom dock it is available for $35. Its a brilliant piece of innovation , and at that price is well worth the risk. It also comes in various colors and designs so you have a number of options to choose from.

It will be interesting to see though how Nintendo reacts to this , it may be possible that a 3rd party manufacturer such as Hori might already be working on one , however the most likely scenario is that Nintendo will come out with an official travel dock in the near future.

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Source:  Kotaku