Solving The Axe Fort Puzzle; Uncharted: The Lost Legacy


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy contains a lot of different puzzles that are sure to challenge your brain and your wits as an explorer. The Axe Fort Puzzle is a puzzle in the game that you will encounter in Chapter: The Western Ghats where you will have to solve all three Axe Fort trials without resetting the boards. Doing so correctly will let you unlock the Flawless Gauntlet trophy which will get you one step closer to the sweet Platinum!

The whole purpose of the puzzle is to net get knocked back by the statues while standing near the pillars, if you do get hit be sure to reload from the nearest checkpoint as it cannot be done without so. The pillars that have emblems on them signify as the pillars that you can be attacked from so be sure to notice this before advancing. Continue moving through the puzzle while resting only on the pillars without emblems when the statues start attacking.

Trial and error will be your best strategy and it is useful to keep trying and reloading from checkpoints as it can take quite some time. Keep moving forward without any mishaps and be sure to memorize the patterns each time you attempt the puzzle.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has quite a demanding trophy list for getting the Platinum but it can surely be done with the help of guides and tutorials so be sure to check back regularly for more guides on puzzles and trophies.

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