FromSoftware’s New Game Teased At The Game Awards Is Likely To Be Tenchu

FromSoftware Tenchu


At The Game Awards FromSoftware took the Screen for just a little bit and showed us a teaser trailer which hinted at their next game. Naturally the crowd was intrigued and the usual questions followed . Is it a new IP? Is this Bloodborne 2

While there have been rumors going around that a Bloodborne 2 is just around the corner and fans were all but sure to see a Bloodborne 2 announcement since last year and some speculation about a possible entry in the Souls Franchise.However there is a ton of evidence to suggest that this trailer is referencing another game altogether.

The teaser shows a machine slowly turning and pulling a bone that appears to be ligaments from a leg and a lot of blood overall present in the teaser, which gave rise to the suspicion surrounding a sequel to Bloodborne.

But what gives rise to the speculation that it might be a new game in a franchise that hasn’t seen a release in a long time is the  tag line “Shadows Die Twice” .

The tag line is likely referring to FromSoftware’s Tenchu series. The last Tenchu game which came out on the PlayStation was Tench: Fatal Shadows, however the series is more commonly known for the Rikamaru story arc which was last seen in Tenchu: Wrath Of Heaven.

Furthermore the writing in the background is also a simple cursive form of Japanese Kanji, and the metallic item that can be seen in the trailer is a traditional Kunai ( Japanese throwing weapon) which is a weapon commonly associated with Ninja’s , who in this case are central to the plot of the Tenchu series.

It’s been a long time since we have seen a Tenchu game and the timing seems to be absolutely perfect, but we will have to wait and see if indeed the title teased is a Tenchu game.

You can watch the teaser trailer down below,