FromSoftware Might Be Developing A Dark Souls VR Game

Ashes Of Ariendel

Atsuo Yoshimura the producer of Dark Souls 3 thinks that there just might be a Dark Souls VR game in the future . He said this in an interview at the Golden Joystick Awards where Dark Souls 3 won the coveted ultimate game of the year award.( Surprise, Surprise)

VR has taken the world by storm, and a number of different developers are now looking to make games for VR devices, and take a chunk of the share that the market has to offer. Hence it might not come as a surprise that From Software may actually bring the Souls series to the VR in the near future

The Souls series is known to be incredibly challenging, and it has given birth to a new genre which is referred to as “Soulslike”.  Hence it makes sense to at least look into the possibility of VR gaming. It appears that FromSoftware is at least trying to look into the possibility of venturing into VR gaming, and that they might be at the very least looking at a prototype.

A Dark Souls VR game might not necessarily see the light of day, but by working on it From Software will develop into a better studio as working on the project will open up new possibilities , and we might even be able to see an original VR title from them in the future.

From Software has done a stellar job when it comes to the Souls series, and it would be interesting to see if the venture into the world of virtual reality as well, and gives us a game which brings us at the edges of our seats. We for one would love to see them take on this challenge. Let us know if you feel the same way as well by commenting in the comments section below.