SNES Game Accompanies New Lime Green Nintendo 3DS XL


Nintendo had one more hardware announcement to reveal today: an Amazon-exclusive New Nintendo 3DS XL. The online-only variant of the company’s flagship portable has a lime green shade to it and is bundled with a copy of SNES classic Super Mario World.

A lot of people were curious to know the reason behind the unique color. Perhaps it is in contrast to Mario’s green dinosaur pal, T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas.

What really makes the Amazon-exclusive hardware so enthralling is its pre-installed game. Super Mario World is one of the SNES Virtual Console games that can be played only on New Nintendo 3DS hardware. Super Mario World costs $7.99 from Nintendo’s 3DS eShop.

If a chance to play Super Mario World again seems like a good enough opportunity itself, the lime green New Nintendo 3DS XL is available now from Amazon for $199.99.

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