Sledgehammer Games Truly Admire The Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.



Sledgehammer Games the developers for the upcoming entry in the latest Call of Duty franchise Call of Duty World War 2 are amazed with the mid-gen upgrades of both Microsoft and Sony ,Xbox One X and PS4 Pro respectively. Stating that the more powerful consoles offers the developers more flexibility and to be able to deliver a more bright and vivid vision of what hey had planned.

The new generation of consoles is truly incredible. Each year, our technology and techniques are evolving, just as the new hardware evolves. This opens the door for more innovation, and more immersive experiences. From our new physics system, new AI system, new lighting and rendering techniques, and new audio features, we’re able to do so much more than we’ve ever been able to before.

Microsoft’s Xbox One X will be making its way to shelves this Holiday season and Sony’s PS4 Pro already been released last year and it seems that at heart of both the competitive consoles they have something quite similar and that is the fact that they are evolving from their base models and hence they have managed to skip a generation already in terms of power and graphical fidelity. Much of this can also be attributed to better technology and the era of the true 4K experience.

In other news a report has also made its way to the internet predicting the sales of both the consoles by the end of 2018 with Xbox One X selling 4 million units and PS4 Pro selling a total of 5 million units. It will be interesting to see whether this report holds true. Because as it stands this would mean that despite being way more powerful than the PS4 Pro , the One X still fell short in terms of sales.

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Source: We Write Things