Skyrim: Special Edition; 65 Mods on Xbox One, 10 on PS4

Skyrim Special Edition

With all the talk about Skyrim mods that have been around for a while now. The nut has finally been cracked. Bethesda Game Studios’ Skyrim: Special Edition will have 65 different mods for its Xbox One version, while its PlayStation 4 will only has 10 so far.

Alongside, the release date for these mods have not yet been officially confirmed, however, the word is that these won’t be released until Friday, October 28th, 2016.  Bethesda Game Studios, has already begun accepting console mod submissions for the forthcoming re mastered version to one of the most popular fantasy-RPG titles of all time.

It’s a great deal for fans owning Xbox one which is expected to get 65 different mods to play around with. It’s sad to see Playstation 4 fans will only be able to enjoy 10.

In reality, at this stage looking at what has been posted on, the Xbox One adaptation is expected to receive additional transits in the near future, including Chesko’s Frostfall survival mod; which is a big deal when it comes to Skyrim – though the Playstation 4 port just has only 10. Also, none of the mods being ported to PS4 are unique in any way. They are a part of Xbox one library as well – which for PS4 fans is once again a disappointment.

Taking notes of that Bethesda’s recompense of such a sizable measure of mods for Skyrim: Special edition on Xbox one isn’t a show of preference by the organization. The dissimilarity descends to Microsoft’s choice to permit its fans to transfer outer resources – that’s the only advantage clients have. In comparison to Sony, they don’t allow principle diversion.

To be more particular, the limited share of Skyrim: special edition mods for PS4 will be in accordance with efficiency measure, with a little tweaking to the current game, for example, the capacity to include new mission lines and decision making. Then again, Skyrim: Special Edition on XB1 will be able to add things like Dwarven railroads, or larger and wackier creations such as the Thomas the Tank Engine mod for characters’ heads.

Just like in the past, these mods will likely include a lot of improvements in illustrations with improved graphics. Moreover, PC  players who own the original version of the title might be getting the best deal of all, for not only do they not have to worry about such stymieing mod size limits, but also every single piece of the action-RPG’s DLC will be given to them free of charge.

Skyrim: Special Edition is set to dispatch on October 28, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.