Skyrim Remastered Will Not Have Console Commands, Or A Survival Mode According To Pete Hines


Skyrim remastered has been given another gameplay update ahead of its October release date, and it seems like its going to be bad news for fans of Fallout 4’s survival mode, and mod enthusiast alike.

Skyrim remastered will be missing console commands  that is according to Pete Hines who was answering questions on Twitter ahead of the games release.

Console commands allows  players to enhance their experience by altering gameplay. They can use these commands to spawn items, add perks, and toggle certain features on and off amongst other things. Here is what Pete Hines had to say about the matter

“No. We do not provide access to console or dev commands for any of our Xbox One or PS4 titles.”

When asked if Skyrim will be getting a survival mode like the one in Fallout 4, he had this to say.

“No,” he replied. “Not changing systems or content.”

Skyrim Remastered is all set for an October 28th release on Xbox One , PS4 , and PC. It will feature all the content from the original game , plus all the post release DLC. You can also  download mods to consoles once they are published online.(sorry Ps4 fans only Xbox One) ,unfortunately you cant transfer your save games from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One, or from the PS3 to PS4 for that matter, and Kinect Dragon Shouts are no longer supported.