Skyrim Nintendo Switch Will Be Special Edition , Yet It Wont Have Mods For Now



At Nintendo Direct fans were thrilled to find out that Skyrim Nintendo Switch is going to be the Special Edition version. The remaster got a graphical upgrade on the original and was released last year on October 28th for consoles, while PC players who owned the game and all of its DLC’s on Steam got it for free.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be the Special Edition version. That was the good news , and where there is good news there is also bound to be some bad news and that is pretty much the case here as well.

The bad news in this case is Skyrim On Nintendo Switch wont have mod support. The information comes via USGamer who asked Pete Hines whether there will be mod support for Skyrim Nintendo Switch. To which he answered ” Not at this time”. However this is not surprising given the fragile nature of the console. I believe that given the nature of the hybrid console mods will never ever be a possibility , due to the difficulty involved in implementing them, yet a fan can hope, cant he?

Skyrim is one of Bethesda’s most critically acclaimed titles , and for the game to come out on the Nintendo Switch would be a brand new experience. I personally cant wait to play the game on the handheld.

In the past Bethesda has been criticized for “milking” Skyrim to the max .However with the Nintendo Switch version it makes sense because it opens a whole new consumer handheld market for them. At the same time I can understand the fan frustration , since it has been six years since the original came out  and with no Elder Scrolls 6 in sight,it does tend to get a bit frustrating and annoying for the fans of the long running franchise to see Skyrim being milked continuously.

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