Skyrim: 10 Hidden Quests You Should Complete


The world of Skyrim is enormous and there are heaps of quests you can do, but if you’ve run out of things to do or are simply looking for a new challenge these 10 quests are sure to be worth your time, plus they offer a chance to get a unique item as a reward which would surely look good on a plaque in your Hearthfire home.

1.Forbidden Legend

If you haven’t joined the College of Winterhold, you may have missed out on this quest. The quest is triggered by reading the book ‘Lost Legends’ which you can find around Skyrim, or it can be looted from an adventurer’s corpse at Reachwater Rock east of Markarth. The book will direct you to Folgunthur, where you’ll find more dead bodies. Word of advice, make sure to stock up on healing potions before entering the dungeon and travel light.


  • The Gauldur Amulet
  • Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson
  • Gauldur Blackblade
  • Gauldur Blackbow
  1. Kyne’s Sacred Trials

If you’re still hovering around the lower levels this quest great for you. To get this quest you’ll have to talk to a bloke called Froki Whetted-Blade who  lives halfway up a steep mountain west of Riften, near Autumnwatch Tower, in a home close to the edge of the cliff. Talk to him and he’ll ask you whether you’re a true hunter or not, you’ll answer yes, but he’ll reply, “no, you’re not”. Make the bastard eat his words by completing his quest.


  • Kyne’s Token
  1. Forgotten Names

Beneath the College of Winterhold lies a dungeon called The Midden. To get there you have to go  through a trap door beneath the stairs in the Hall of Countenance, and if you trawl through it, you can find plenty of strange items including a daedric  gauntlet. The quest won’t be listed in your journal, so you have to follow these steps as you’ll receive no in-game help. First, search the area and find a key and an incident report on a nearby table. The incident report will warn you NOT to find the four missing rings from a chest in the Arcanaeum, the library in the College of Winterhold, which means you totally should go get them. When you find the rings and put them on the gauntlet. After you do that an event is triggered, it’s then your choice on how you proceed. 


  • Velehk Sain’s Treasure Map Or Daedra Heart
  • 2 Scimitars
  • Redguard Boots
  • Hammerfell Garb
  1. Coming of Age

You better grab something warm for this one as it takes place in the snowy lands of the Pale hope south-east of Dawnstar. Make your way through the snow and locate Ironbind Barrow. You may hear an argument before you see it as outside the barrow, a warrior and a wizard are quarrelling about whether or not they should explore it, with the wizard reasonably reluctant considering the undead horrors that lie inside. The Dragonborn joining their party though raises their spirits and they’ll go along with you inside the dungeon.


  • Leveled gold
  1. The Ghost of Old Hroldan

You can run from one corner of Skyrim to the other without feeling the urge to sleep, but when you feel a  bit of pity for your character since He/She/It’s been awake for over a  you should spend the night at Old Hroldan Inn. You can find it on the eastern side of the major river flowing near Markarth, south of Soljund’s Sinkhole. Pay up a few coins and sleep in the room Tiber Septim slept in,upon waking you’ll hear a scream followed by a summoning sound, and well.. we don’t want to spoil the rest.


  • One-Handed and Block skills training
  1. Frostflow Abyss

West of Winterhold on the coast lies a lighthouse. Which is home to a family, the only problem is it’s littered with their bloody corpses. Once you spot their corpses the quest is triggered, which is obviously to find out what killed them. You’ll have to go detective mode to find clues and read journals to discover what went on. You wouldn’t want to do this in the middle of the night in-game or in real life because some creepy shit is about to go down.


  • Permanent Effect: Sailor’s Repose
  1. A Night to Remember

If you want to enjoy Skyrim’s own version of The Hangover you’ll love this quest. Once you reach level 14 you can find a lad called Sam Guevenne at the next Inn you visit anywhere across Skyrim. He seems like a fun bloke who challenges you to a drinking competition and offers a staff if you win. You should accept his challenge if you’re aching for a quest with no combat and a fair dose of humour. 


  • Sanguine Rose
  1. The Book of Love

Are you good at setting people up? Do you want to be Cupid for a short while? Then you should really try out this quest. Visit the Temple of Mara in Riften (left of Mistveil Keep) and talk to the head priestess Dinya Balu, she’ll set you on your way to earning Mara’s favour. This is another combat-free quest so it does offer some relief from the constant skull bashing and throat slitting.


  • Agent of Mara blessing
  • Amulet of Mara
  1. Rise in the East

Do you enjoy the ocean or do you end up seasick? Doesn’t really matter since you can’t get seasick in Skyrim. Make your way to the East Empire Trading Company office on Windhelm Docks. Speak with Orthus Endario who’ll ask for your help in permanently dealing with troublesome pirates. He’ll also help you out in the quest Diplomatic Immunity if you help him.


  • Leveled Gold
  • Adelaisa Vendicci as a follower
  1. The Pale Lady 

South of Dawnstar lies Frostmere Crypt, an Ancient Nordic tomb. When you arrive at it you’ll come across a bandit called Eisa being attacked by one of her own, who’s gibbering about the Pale Lady. If she survives (with or without your intervention) she’ll inform you of a strange sword that is causing mayhem in her bandit camp, she won’t offer to follow you inside Frostmere Crypt though since she hates the sword. Even if she dies, it’s no big deal since you can loot her corpse to find her journal which says the same thing starting the quest. This quest is certainly worth the reward so get ready to explore another crypt.


The Pale Blade