SIE Japan’s Morita Has High Hopes For Upcoming PS4 Games

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PS4 exclusives have stood out this generation as they have been able to engage gamers with immersive story arcs and compelling characters.

It would be fair to say that PS4 exclusives have usually focused on gaming as a medium for storytelling and in the process we have gotten a number of brilliant games such as The Last Of Us and the God of War series to name a few.

The trend is set to continue as SIE Japan’s President  Atsushi Morita expects more of the same moving forward. Speaking at the recently held PlayStation Awards Morita said he looks forward to more games that will bring players joy and “touch their souls”

He further went on to say

“Entertainment has evolved over the years: it started in the world of text, then we had cartoons with pictures, which then adopted movement and turned into anime and films, and they have become interactive,” .

“Games continue to evolve absorbing the best or the best of all types of entertainment along with the advancement of technology. Today they are the most cutting-edge format of entertainment.

“They offer absolute fun, they have the power to move our hearts, and we want to convey the wonder of games to more people, and establish games as something that connects people, something that people can enjoy even casually. We would like to raise games to an ever-higher dimension.”

The PS4 has been incredibly successful in the past few years or so because they have allowed unlimited creative control to their first party studios, and this has more often than not translated into great games.

The trend is set to continue with titles such as Days Gone , God of War and Sucker Punch’s new IP Ghosts of Tsushima amongst others.

It seems like PS4 will continue to get amazing software come 2018. Let us know your opinions by commenting in the comments section below.