Shift Happens Coming Soon!


Valentines Day is right around the corner which means that Shift Happens is almost here. By almost we mean just one more week to go and it will be released globally. So mark your calendars for February 22nd before you make other commitments.

The date is set and that means that the world is also set to bring the world together, including those people who despise each other. All this will be happening in front of a single screen. As we all know that Shift Happens gets best remarks when played in Co-Op and that too with a new friend/acquaintance or just a foe or enemy who is likely to be friends with you during the game. The game features the characters Bismo and Plom who can shift there sizes to solve different puzzles that exist throughout the game. The game is a challenging puzzle platformer and will be the first game published by Klonk.


The game was basically planned for the 2016 developer Klonk Games who took more time than usual to make slight amendments to this masterpiece of untainted Co-Op fun.

checkout the teaser trailer below.

And the better thing is that the wait was definitely worthwhile: rosters will be in a position to undergo the distinctive expedition of two lovers; Bismo and Plom.

Shift Happens was in the development phase for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The game is financially supported by the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern.