Shadow Of War Devs Say That The Sequel Will Work Better In Terms Of Story And Scale

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Shadow of War is hitting stores later this year and there is much hype surrounding the sequel to the highly acclaimed Shadow of Mordor. Monolith Productions, the developers working on the game, had quite a lot to say about Shadow of War when speaking with EDGE Magazine.

Micheal de Plater mentioned the game’s direction in terms of story and scale and how it benefits from the original’s Nemesis system.

“The things that worked were the Nemesis system and the combat. The things that didn’t work were the scale and payoff of the story, and because we’re so focused on combat, there was a level of repetition.”

Shadow of War was easier to shape in its vision as a game according to Micheal.

“I think sequels in videogames are sometimes easier. Things are so complex and hard that you’re going to leave a lot of stuff on the table on the first one. Number two is often the fully realized vision of the ideas you had in your head.”

He discussed the Nemesis system in detail and the changes that it has gone through for Shadow of War.

“Last time we had orcs who had a trait called The Humiliator. Every time they killed you, they wouldn’t finish you off – they’d turn and walk away. That was cool sometimes, but now we can be deliberate about when that’s happening. If it’s going to be a better story for you to not die in the moment, that’s when he’ll do it.

The goal is to generate the best stories. If someone’s dying too much, a good story is to have someone save you.”

This seems to be a major breakthrough in terms of gameplay and could be pretty interesting for players, as each player will have a different and unique experience/take with the game.

Shadow of War is set to be released on August 22, 2017 for the Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One.