Shadow Of War Dev talks About The Game’s Story Going Beyond Mordor


Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War’s story is going to go beyond the confines of Mordor , and hence that is why the Mordor bit is removed from the game’s title. In a recent interview with Xbox One Official Magazine the developers from Monolith talked about the upcoming game , while saying they have increased the scale of the game to incorporate new areas within the game.

While Vice President of Creative Michael de Plater explains that in Shadow Of War the players will witness the rise of the Dark Lord’s armies, as he continues to gather forces to attack Human cities within the game.

“one of the reasons it’s Shadow Of War and not just Mordor is that we’ve expanded beyond Mordor. So the Dark Lord is growing his armies, and his forces – led by the Witch-king – have come out of Mordor and attacked and assaulted the human city of Minas Ithil. They’ve conquered it and turned it into Minas Morgul, which is the tower of the Witch-king. That actually brings the front line of this war out beyond Mordor and all the way forward to the kingdom of Gondor”

The game is going to be set between the events of Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Lord Of The Ring’s trilogy , and will continue the story of Talion who is infused with the spirit of the Elf lord Celebrimbor as they try to use one of the rings of power to fight against the army of Sauron.

Shadow Of War will be released on 22nd August 2017 in North America , and 25th August in the European Union for the PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and PC. Let us know what are your expectations from the game by commenting in the comments section below.