Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Gets 40 Minutes Of Gameplay Showcasing Wraith Action

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Monolith recently showed off some brand new Shadow of War gameplay in a livestream and it was glorious. There was some developer commentary during the livestream and we got to see some of the new Wraith skills that players will invest points into during the game and take advantage of.

The Wraith Skills provide the player different styles of play according to which skills they chose to invest in. There are numerous different wraith skills which let the player diversify their moves while fighting the Dark Lord’s army.

Some of these moves are listed below:

Brace of Daggers:Quickdraw to throw a dagger that damages and staggers enemies.

Elven Light:Unleash a powerful blast when your Might is full, Stunning and temporarily blinding nearby enemies.

Ice Storm:Freeze enemies, then follow with a flurry of sword strikes.

A lot of these wraith skills can also be combined to amplify and shake up their effects. Such as Poison blast with Fire to create a deadly combo for fierce opponents. The combat has significantly matured from the first game which took a lot of cues from the Batman Arkham games, it feels much more fluid and immersive in the sequel which definitely makes the game worth the wait.

There have been many videos revealing and detailing the impressive combat in Shadow of War along with the new and improved Nemesis System. Monolith have done an amazing job with this game and it is sure to pay off when the game is released.

Shadow of War is set to come out on October 10 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC and until then you can expect a ton of gameplay reveals so be sure to check back for more on the game. Be sure to stay tuned at The Wolfhall for everything new on Shadow of War and Monolith Studios!