You’re Going To Have To Pay To Get The True Ending In Shadow Of War



A game like Shadow of War getting micro-transactions was never going to be good, so when it was first announced by Monolith a lot of people had raised questions about how much it’ll actually affect the story-line. The developers assured fans that the in-game purchases would not limit their ability to get the full experience of the story and game-play, but it seems that the early reviews say otherwise. The “True Ending” of the game can either be achieved by a long, painstaking grind or by paying up for loot boxes to make the process (significantly) easier.

A number of reviewers stated their concerns about the hefty grind for the end-game objective which seems to focus on collecting legendary orcs, below are some of the statements made by reviewers from Polygon and Gamespot: One of the laters review reads like this

“Finding powerful orcs becomes the be-all, end-all focus of the game, and the easiest way to find powerful orcs is, cynically, to purchase them,….When you run out of in-game money, you have two choices: Make a huge time investment by hunting down orcs in your game world and earning chests via vendetta missions, or spend some real money to get the more powerful orcs you need now,”, 

A lot of Youtubers (YongYeo) and industry insiders (along with fans obviously) have expressed concerns about how the loot box system in games has become a lucrative marketing business which is plaguing every other game that is being released. The latest example of this has been Forza Motorsport which caused major backlash for Microsoft regarding it’s extremely unethical loot box system.

Anything which causes a hindrance and increases the grind for gamers should be boycotted and frowned upon. This is quickly becoming a practice which must be stopped.

Shadow of War releases today. Let us know if you will be getting your copy by commenting in the comments section below.