So It Seems Scalebound Might Still Be In Development


In the beginning of 2017, the cancellation of Scalebound was confirmed by Microsoft that came as a shock to a lot of gamers as it was amongst the few highly anticipated exclusives for the Xbox One. Platinum Games were the developers behind the action RPG , but unfortunately things did not seem to work out between them and Microsoft. However it now appears that Scalebound may still be in development

As per the report from Twitter user, XRays_Insider, the claim is that someone who has privy to inside information has informed him that the games development has only been resumed for now, but it is no longer going to be led by Platinum Games but an entirely different studio who is closer to Microsoft in business and more information regarding this will be out soon.

Another tweet said that the game is now being developed from  scratch and is in the early development phase. Those who are wondering about the game not being developed by Platinum Games, the IP is owned by Microsoft so that isn’t a big deal.

The game was cancelled due to a creative differences between the developer, Platinum Games, and Microsoft and the rumors said that Microsoft interfered into the development of the game a bit too much. On the other hand, as per the father of Xbox Seamus Blackley, if the game was bound to fail then Phil’s dependability in the company was reducing and hence, the game was cancelled.

“If Scalebound was gonna fail and builds weren’t looking good or weren’t getting any better then that’s Phil’s credibility. The Microsoft executives and board of directors were over his shoulder.”

Surely though if the game is back from the dead this is great news for Xbox fans. Let us know what do you think about Scalebound’s rumored resurrectionby commenting in the comments section below.