Project IGI: We Are Going In Confirmed To be In Development By Devs


Project IGI: We Are Going In is in development , and it has been confirmed by Norwegian development studio Artplant. Project IGI: We Are Going In will be the third entry in the franchise with Project IGI; I am Going In , and IGI: 2 Covert Strike preceding it .

The first game was released back in 2000 , by Eidos Interactive and despite not being a huge success it is fondly remembered by those who were growing up at the turn of the century.The current budget of the game is approximately  2,669,939 nOK which is $316606.12 The studio is made up of former  Project IGI devs. According to the devs, the game will remain true to the elements and principles which made the first game so unique. If its anywhere near as good as the original then they have a good thing going on for them.

Artplant chief Jack De Wulf confirmed that Project IGI is indeed in development , however he did not disclose any additional details at this point about the project or what might the story and general direction be.

“We don’t have much to announce at this point, other than that the game will be called IGI – We’re Going In,” a play on the original title that suggests a focus on (or at least inclusion of) co-op multiplayer. Artplant has also  previously hinted on Twitter that David Jones, the hero of the first two games, will be appearing for a third installment.”

More details are bound to come out sooner or later about the project , and it would actually be great for a classic from my teenage years to be making a comeback after more than a decade or so .

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Source: PC Gamer