Footage Suggests Dark Souls 3 Will Be Coming To Nintendo Switch


Update: The Gamestop Staff has cleared things up that it was a typo. The original story is below.

Gamespot has apparently shown footage which shows Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City running on a Nintendo Switch. You can see it right in the start of the video the title of the game and that the footage was captured on a Switch.

Of course this just might be a typo , so until an official announcement is made we will treat this bit of information as a rumor. However if its not a typo then this will back up the claims that were made by Laura Kate Dale of LPVG who in December 2016 claimed that her sources had told her Dark Souls 3 was running on Nintendo Switch.

The footage in question is from Dark Souls 3’s latest DLC : The Ringed City, which will be releasing on 28th March 2017. From Software has already confirmed support for Nintendo’s new hybrid console however many fans were left wondering what titles they might be developing for the Switch. Laura Kate Dale’s report suggested that the port was being worked on for months now , and From Software wanted to see sale’s data before they committed to the Switch port.

The idea it seems is to release Dark Souls 3 with all the released DLC’s, and seeing as how the game is running on the Switch at an acceptable performance , as previously suggested by Laura it seems that this might just be becoming a reality. Although including myself would have thought the Switch might have been a bit underpowered for Dark Souls 3 that doesn’t appear to be the case.

However at this time I must again stress that these are mere speculations until an official announcement comes forth.

Let us know if you think Dark Souls 3 will be making its way to the Switch, and whether you will be buying it  by commenting in the comments section below.