Screenshots Leaked For Next Game In Assassin’s Creed Series


Assassin’s Creed Origins, also known as Empire, has been subject to its first leak. There has been an image regarding the upcoming game surfacing on the internet that claims to be from the next title in the series. There has been no official confirmation about Origins by Ubisoft so it is highly likely that the image is not what it claims to be. The studio did not continue to follow it’s yearly release in the series by opting to take a year off for production of the new game.

The image that is leaked showcases the rumored Egyptian setting of the game. The image contains a boat being controlled by what appears to be a protagonist or main character of Origins/Empire.


The image reveals that the draw distance is quite remarkable and shows a promising and expansive open world. It was rumored that the map for Origins/Empire will be thrice the size of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag which is definitely something to look forward to.


Other leaks have hinted at double protagonists in the game, such was the case in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, which might lead to one being a female and the other a male. If this is true then the game will be following the formula of the previous game in the series (Syndicate) which had Evie Frye and Jacob Frye as two playable characters.


There are few to none details about what the story is going to be but it is rumored that we will be following the original Assassin’s guild. This might lead to us playing as an ancestor to Altair in the game.


There is still no official word on Origins/Empire but E3 2017 is sure to hold more details regarding it. The game might be showed off at the event by Ubisoft along with a trailer and some minor story details.


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