Samurai Jack: Finally Comes To A Close With A Befitting End


Samurai Jack finally came back and after its inception in 2001 when it was first aired on Cartoon Network. For those who do not know about the series and the first season, Samurai Jack is a warrior who is thrown by the demon Aku into the future. Jack must now fight the various threats that he encounters in the future and find a way to come back to the past.

While the above mentioned synopsis seems quite simple, in reality it becomes quite a difficult errand for Jack. But after five seasons of consistent hard work Jack was finally able to defeat the demon and return to the past. But the question is whether, this was the right decision made by Jack?

Jack managed to defeat Aku with the help of Aku’s daughter Aishi. When Jack confesses his love for Aishi she aids Jack in going to the past at the point where Aku sends jack to the future. There Jack takes advantage of the opportunity and slices Aku in half and fulfills his long lasting wish. But this comes at a cost.

Due to the death of Aku the space time continuum has been breached. Aku’s death means Aishi was never born and she slights withering from the timeline. Following the death of Aishi Jack is now left alone in the world. To make matters worse, the consistent travelling through time has allowed Jack to stop ageing, meaning he is stuck on the earth for all eternity.

Many fans have expressed disappointment over the latest season. As reported by the Polygon one of the fans regarding the issue said that “They really should have extended this to an hour episode, everything was just so anticlimactic and rushed, like Ashi just disappeared in a second, the final battle was over in a second everything just felt done too quickly,” He added that. “Overall a disappointing ending in my opinion.”

Many fans were not anticipating a rushed ending and wanted something more after a wait of 16 years. But it seems that the shows producers felt that this was the best possible way in concluding Jack’s long journey.