Russian Cement Company To Build Winterfell With A 3D Printer

Game Of Thrones

The Yekaterinburg Cement Factory, is replicating the Northern stronghold right on their own grounds, showcasing the use of new technologies like 3D printing, as well as their love for HBO’s and George RR Martin’s masterpiece. In the show and books Winterfell is an ancient castle,the ancestral seat of House Stark, built by their founder Bran the Builder during the Age of Heroes.


The company uses a gigantic industrial-sized cement 3D printer to pour liquid cement around segments of a steel frame. The project itself does not require much labor and will almost completely be constructed with their cement 3D printer, which will be overseen by just three employees.

The three individuals working on the project, who also include the factory’s computer programmer, will simply have to supervise the printer as it pushes out material and forms the sausage-shaped cement structures layer by layer. According to the boss of the Yekaterinburg Cement Factory, Rinat Brilin, the team has already built a two-story building whose dimensions measure out to be six meters long, three meters wide, and six meters high.


The castle will act as a tourist attraction for die-hard Game of Thrones fans, and will also showcase the advanced nature of the company’s cement 3D printing technology.

“Why this castle?” said Brilin. “First of all, it is, in my view, very beautiful. And it also demands the use of many new technologies to construct that simpler buildings don’t require.”

The life-sized replica of Winterfell is scheduled to be completed and officially opened to the public by the end of September. The central Russian city of Yekaterinburg, where the factory grounds are located, will soon be transformed seat of House Stark , enabling fans from all over the world to come and experience the magnificence of Winterfell firsthand. As the Stark words say, “Winter is coming”, and without new episodes of Game of Thrones, it’s sure to be a long one.