Rumored New Handheld Being Revealed At E3 2017 By Sony

Sony Ps4

A rumor has emerged about Sony possibly heading back into the handheld business.


Ever since the Nintendo Switch made it’s debut back in March 2017, it has been highly successful. The handheld/console hybrid has been doing great in terms of sales because of it’s unique nature and portability and the fact that it had Breath of the Wild as a launch title. All of this talk about handhelds, Sony might be wanting to give it another try as they had not followed up to their last handheld that was the PS Vita. There has been a rumor floating around that they might be unveiling a new handheld at this year’s E3.

A Chinese media site have reported that they have received an invitation from Sony for what is a presentation of a brand new handheld taking place at the Sony China office. This will be the first ever reveal of the new handheld, according to sources.

The handheld in question, as rumored, will be the PSP 3 and will be the successor to the PS Vita. This is to be revealed at E3 2017 in mid-June along with several other details regarding the gaming device. Sony getting back into the handheld business will surely be interesting to see as if whether it can compete with the Switch or not. Take this rumor with a grain of salt, however it will be interesting to see if this indeed comes out to be true as it was recently revealed that Sony had patented a Switch like system  .

Sony might be taking advantage of the Switch’s success as a way to encourage their own handheld into the industry. According to industry analysts, the possibility of console software staying on console is very low and will definitely be subject to change in a few years.

Source: NeoGAF