Rumor: Xbox One X Will Be The Project Scorpio’s Official Name And Will Be Priced Below $500



A couple of new rumors suggest that Project Scorpio’s official name will be Xbox One X and that it will be priced below $500.

E3 is right around the corner, everybody is excited for what Microsoft has in store for it’s 4k home console .  It looks like Microsoft is equally as excited as a recent leak confirms that they are hoping for the best possible Xbox Scorpio experience for all their players. However before we begin let me stress on the fact that the following piece of information should be taken as rumors.


Along with other details, there is a price leak which sets the Scorpio at a surprisingly budgetable $449 and that it will come in matte black coupled with more options, the news comes from insider sources from 2 different websites which you can check out in the links below. There is also word that the Scorpio will be named the Xbox One X officially. Marketing plans have suggested the name for Microsoft’s latest console and it might be a nice touch to the Xbox line up (considering the Xbox One S and the regular Xbox). This would be on par with the marketing strategy Sony has adopted with their PS4 line up as it currently includes the original fat PS4, the PS4 Slim (which is being marketed as just the PS4) and the PS4 Pro.


ReCore Definitive Edition is also coming to Xbox Scorpio (and Xbox One) through an update patch which will bring 4k support to the game. The visuals have been beefed up for the “most powerful console ever made” and they look absolutely gorgeous. The game size will be increased from 5.6GB to a whooping 12GB (approximately) as proof to the graphics overhaul that it will get.

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Sources: Rectify Gaming, SegmentNext