Rumor: Xbox One Scorpio Might Make Use OF The AMD Vega / Ryzen CPU

xbox one S

Xbox One Scorpio is being touted as being one of the most powerful consoles even before it has released , and it might even get some extra juice if the reports from NeoGAF are to be believed which state that the Scorpio will be making use of the new AMD Vega/ Ryzen CPU architecture and doing away with the 6 teraflop GPU that has been the main focus so far.

If this rumors indeed come true than what it means is that the Scorpio will indeed be something revolutionary and it might be even more powerful than some of the PC’s that are in the market right now since it will be sporting one of the most advance CPU chips ever made.

What this means is that the PS4 will have a real battle on their hands as currently it holds a huge advantage over Microsoft when it comes to Sales , graphics and its excellent exclusives , however the introduction of the Scorpio may just change all this . Previously Michael Pachter said that he was worried that the Scorpio would be a bust , if the PS4 Pro were to reduce its price near the launch window of Scorpio, however this just might be a great game changer, and consumers would be willing to pay “premium price” for a console that is much superior than its closest competitor.

However there still remains the issues of better exclusives something which Xbox has been lacking behind the PS for a number of years for , the tech might be superior but it will all come down to the consumer and while tech aficionados will be licking their tongues over increased specs , Microsoft may have a hard time convincing the casual gamer of its superiority.

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