Rumor: Resistance 4 and Bloodborne 2 To Be Revealed At E3 2017


The gaming worlds biggest event, E3, is drawing closer. With just over 2 months to go, developers have started preparing for the mega event. Although not much is known about what different devs will be showcasing at E3 2017, a new rumor is popping up: Sony is going to reveal Bloodborne 2 and Resistance 4, along with many other games.

This new rumor comes from up2play, who claim to have the official list of games that will be showcased at E3 2017. The list also includes games from different publishers and developers that we already know will be revealed or showcased at the event. However, the interesting part is that the list also includes two new games from fan-favorite series’: Bloodborne 2, the second entry in the series, and Resistance 4, the 5th game in the series.

This rumor shouldn’t be dismissed as another false story, because this isn’t the first time these game have been mentioned. Earlier this March, a leaked image allegedly showing the games to be showcased  in this years E3 also showed Resistance 4 and Bloodborne 2. The leak suggests that Insomniac Games is already working on a new Resistance game.

But the rumors are called rumors for a reason. The list also mentioned Cyberpunk 2077, but CD Projekt Red has revealed that they won’t reveal anything about the upcoming game in 2017. So the image is most probably false, atleast to some degree.

Other major unannounced games were among those mentioned in the list, including Evil Within 2, a new Batman game, a new Assassins Creed game, Tekken X Streetfighter plus many more.

If the list turn out to be true, this could be big news for gamers all over the world since the mentioned titles are all from acclaimed, fan-favorite series’. Do you think it will turn out to be true, or is it just another false rumor? Let us know in the comments below!