Rumor: Resident Evil 7 Will Be Getting End Of Zoe DLC Along With Not A Hero



Edit: The rumor has now been confirmed via a trailer which you can watch below. The rest of the article is below the video.

Resident Evil 7 was an amazing entry for a franchise that was becoming quite stale since the past few years. Resident Evil 7 however has managed to breath new life into the franchise , with its fresh new take of the series and it was praised by both fans and critics alike for being an amazing new experience in the survival horror genre. part of which stems from the fact that it was an amazing experience playing the game in PSVR.

It came as no surprise when it was announced that a DLC would be arriving which would feature Chris Redfield and would be titled Resident Evil 7 : Not A Hero. We last saw a fleeting glimpse of Chris Redfield when he appeared right at the end of Resident Evil 7 to shock us all. Reports suggest that it will be a free DLC and will becoming out on 14th December 2017. However that’s not all, as another DLC will also be coming out in the near future.

The second Resident Evil 7 DLC will be supposedly titled End Of Zoe. As usual these are but rumors as of now and should be taken as nothing more than that. For those of you who have played the game will be aware that Zoe Baker is the daughter of the antagonist Jack Baker, and plays a central role in the events that unravel in the Baker homestead.

There is also a Gold Edition of the game rumored to be coming out , however at this time that’s all the details that we have garnered from the rumor mill.

If you have not played Resident Evil 7 yet , then this is the right time to buy the game. Trust me when I say this , it is one of the most immersive survival horror in recent years and well worth a shot.