Rumor: Nintendo Switch Will have A GameCube Virtual Console


Reports are filtering in from renowned journalists about the possibility of a virtual console; however one has to wonder what exactly a virtual console is. For those of you who own a Wii , will be familiar with it , what it does basically is it allows you  to buy and download classic games from Nintendo’s past.

Virtual consoles have been present on Nintendo platforms for a number of years now. The 3Ds added Game Boy, Game Boy Color and game Gear to the mix. While the Wii U had Game Boy Advance, along with restoring N64 support. However the major issue has been that Nintendo has treated Wii U and 3Ds as separate accounts, meaning that you have to pay individually to play the game of your choice on your preferred platform. This was a really poor choice, and feels like a total rip-off.

However all that can change with the introduction of the Switch, as it appears that Nintendo’s Switch will indeed be getting a Game Cube virtual console and that it is going to be something that the fans will truly appreciate. With many gamers criticizing how, NES and N64 games looked on the Wii U VC, it seems that Nintendo has really stepped up its game in order to deliver a better experience to its ardent fan base.

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