Rumor: La Noire headed To Nintendo Switch


Much has been made about the Nintendo Switch’s debut from the lack of launch titles to the extremely expensive peripherals , yet it still remains a console which for all its shortcomings does have a lot of potential .

Nintendo, has joined hands with several third-party developers who will be developing games for Switch and one of these developers is going to be Rockstar, which is perhaps best known for its critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto series.

We do know that the Switch can handle demanding games with the best example being the Switch’s version of Skyrim which will be making its debut on the console somewhere later this year, and now according to a rumor from an industry insider Rockstar games might be interested in releasing a remastered version of its hit game LA Noire on the Switch you can see the tweet attached below.


Again this should only be taken as a rumor as there  is no official announcement as of yet , however at the same time La Noire the tweet is from an individual who is renowned for leaking information pertaining to Rockstar’s games well in advance and has a pretty good track record as well.

For now though Rockstar is busy working on one of the most highly anticipated titles in recent years Red Dead Redemption 2 , and who knows if the LA Noire port to Switch performs well enough we might also get to see RDR 2 on the Switch as well.

Nintendo Switch will be releasing on March 3rd, 2017 for $299. The pre-orders for the console are live but the machine is already sold out at most of the retailers. GOOD NEWS is that Nintendo has promised fans that there wont be supply issues unlike its predecessor .

So do you believe that LA Noire could actually be heading to the Switch , or is it all bullocks?

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