Rumor: Green Lantern To Appear In Justice League

Green Lantern Justice League


The Rumors are rife with Green Lantern in Justice League becoming more than a possibility day by day

DC’s Justice League is coming to the big screen in November and fans are as eager as ever. DC will finally have a faction to counter the Marvel’s Avengers. Looking at the current trailers and the promos of the film there are five main characters shown. Batman and Wonder Woman will be the pioneers of the league and will recruit Aquaman, the Flash and Cyborg. But the question that many fans have is that will there be a surprise?

In the past few weeks there were rumors that the audience might be introduced to Green Lantern. The news was limited to rumors until yesterday. A marketing event conducted in China has shown that the Green Lantern might have an appearance in Justice League. As reported by Screenrant, a Twitter user FIONA IS ALL IN in a tweet regarding the issue said that #JustcieLeague #earlierScreening is over……All the ppl in the theater went Crazy“a film you have never see”!&there is a light of green,yes.”

Screenrant believes that  Lanterns might appear in the opening scenes of Justice League. As Lanterns are responsible for protecting Earth and other planets they might lose fighting Stephen Wolf leaving a clear route for him to invade Earth with Darkseid’s army.

The current movie has a lot to offer and it would be wise on Warner Bros part to keep the movies limited to new characters. While comic book fans may be able to absorb all this, movie fans may be new and it would be difficult for them to understand the origin of each character efficiently.

Personally I believe Green Lantern will be appearing in Justice League one way or the other , but in the very start of the film, although a cameo which sets up the Green lantern movie franchise would be epic.