The Rock Is Excited To Play The Character Of Black Adam


We take a look as to why the Rock is excited to play Black Adam

Marvel has managed to beat DC to the race of bringing its universes together. Marvel has had the first movers advantage and was able to shape the expectations of its fans accordingly. It was able to mold fans psyche to accept and appreciate a humored fill super hero movie experience. When DC entered the market, fans were already accustomed to the Marvel imposed mindset and failed to appreciate DC’s dark natured films.

But while DC may be far behind and may have a completely different approach on making super hero movies it surely is brining in some big names to help boost its cause. Dwayne the Rock Johnson is set to take the role of Black Adam. Dwayne Johnson better known as the Rock in recent times has gained significant popularity and is likely to be a major success catalyst of DC’s upcoming movies.

The Rock in one of his interviews at We Got this covered mentioned that he had always wanted to play the role of Black Adam. He was inspired by the villains back story where he was a slave and had to go through oppression.  Rock’s excitement can be judged from the interview where he said that “I’m excited about it, man. You know, and Black Adam has been with me probably going ten years that Black Adam is in our zone. And [there’s] the great meetings we’ve been having with Geoff Johns and the guys over at DC, Warner Bros, New Line.”

Black Adam is one of the most instrumental and lethal villains in the DC universe. Black Adam is the villain in Shazam. But due to the Rock’s enthusiasm and DC’s need to come to the lime light urgently there is a chance that we may see him come in earlier. There are rumors going around that Black Adam might be the protagonist in the Man of Steel sequel. If this is the case we may see a showdown between the Rock and Henry Cavil. This is something that the fans wouldn’t want to miss.