Roadmap For Final Fantasy XV Revealed, Character Customizations Included Amongst Other Things

Final Fantasy

Square Enix has come forth with an update on their plans to support Final Fantasy Xv for the foreseeable future in the form of a roadmap that details their short term, mid-term and long term goals.

According to the game director Hajime Tabata their short term goal is to increase the gameplay satisfaction for chapter 13, by providing upgrades for ring magic amongst other things.

Furthermore their mid-level goal is to enhance the story experience by improving the direction in the second half of the game. For e.g. by adding an event scenes which depict why the character of Ravus met with such a fate. However this will require a lot of time and effort. With voiceovers and localization for all languages is required.

Lastly for their long-term plans the developers plan to make important characters in the main story playable. They also plan on introducing an avatar system so that players can make their own characters and play.

A new game mode is also said to be in the works, that will allow the players to carry over their progress once they have completed the game.


The following list of DLC will also be available

  • Final Fantasy XV Holiday Pack
  • Final Fantasy XV Booster Pack
  • Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus
  • Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis
  • Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto
  • Final Fantasy XV Online Expansion Pack: Brother in Arms

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