The Identity Of Riz Ahmed’s Character In Venom Revealed

Tom Hardy


As the date for the Venom release gets closer and closer more character reveals are being made systematically. After the massive announcement of Tom Hardy playing Venom, another character has come to the limelight, giving fans the opportunity to look beyond their imagination and uncover the plot and the direction that the movie is going to take.

Riz Ahmed known for Rogue one and Night Crawler is expected to play the role of Dr. Carlton Drake in the movie. The development was brought to the public eye by Atlanta Filming on their Twitter account with a photo and Tweet that went something like this “This is what happens when they walk out of the wrong door… side and behind view. Dr. Drake from #Venom, in costume.”

With the latest development it seems that Venom might play the protagonist in the film. In most super heroes movie, we see that that there is always someone pulling the strings from behind. In the Venom arc, Dr. Drake plays this role. Drake leads the Life Foundation and has the obsession of understanding and replicating Venom’s abilities.

He turns out to be successful and creates five symbiotes (Agony, Lasher, Riot, Phage, and Scream) whose sole purpose is to destroy Venom for good. We believe that the five may even fuse to become Carnage and hence become the primary antagonist in the feature film.

The movie seems to be going in the right direction. Venom against the symbiotes (Possibly Carnage) has all the makings of a main event that the crowd wouldn’t want to miss. We are as eager as you are. Lets just fasten our seat belts and hope the movie matches up to expectations.