McDonald’s Schezuan Sauce And Rick And Morty: A Recipe For Disaster



Marketing is one art that would continue to live on for eternity. The function is the nervous system of an entire organization and could be fatal to its long-term success. Any product or service in its most primary stage was unknown. Strategic marketing activities however helped developed the brand allowing consumers to resonate with it.

The world that we live in has evolved into the digital and information era. Customers have become more savy and companies must challenge conventional wisdom and adhere to unique marketing strategies to come out on top. McDonald’s which is one of the largest multi-nationals of the world tried to do that recently. While the move seemed innovative, improper planning made sure it backfired.

McDonald’s on October 1 announced that it was going to resurrect its 1988 Szechuan sauce from the dead.  But the catch here was that it would only be for a day and targeted at Rick and Morty fans. However there were too many complexities involved from the start.

According to the data of YouGov BrandIndex the buzz score for McDonald’s was positive till October 7 the day the sauce was relaunched. However troubles soon started to stir up. The company faced supply chain problems with some restaurants having as low as 20 sauces. The company clearly unanticipated the demand or faced supply challenges in providing the sauce.

Rick and Morty has a huge cult like following. According to Yougov’s data more people really like the show compared to people who say they just like it. Moreover, the people who really like the show are millennials and 87% of them have access to the internet. This great marketing potential turned disaster for McDonald’s as the same market that it intended to capture went against them on social media. Negative word of mouth can spread like forest fires and detrimental to the image of companies.